Artist: Kris Busk

Kris Busk
East Jordan, MI
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I have been committed to photograpy for my entire life. Recently my hobby has run amok and transformed into a retirement avocation.

I specialize in outdoor subjects such as birds, flowers, landscapes and animals. My mission is to bring the outdoors inside as beautifully and realistically as possible. I want you to be able to see the world as I do when I am outside.

I love finding the pefect subject in the perfect light and freezing that moment in time. I spend a lot of time waiting -- for the bird to fly or the sun to rise -- all the time enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors.

Most of my work is shot in Northern Michigan. I do enjoy travelling and have taken my cameras with me to Greece, Alaska, Australia, Costa Rica and Iceland, as well as around the United States. I hope there are many more such trips in my future.

I love melding the creative and technical challenges of photography, especially when the mix producdes unexpected results. On the technical side, I have three camera bodies and six lenses and add to this every year. I shot with film for most of my life but am now embracing and rejoicing in the digital revolution. I process all my prints digitally with Adobe Photoshop and an Epson 2200 priinter. In my digital darkroom I do just what I would do in a typical darkroom -- exposure control, cropping, dodging, burning, etc. I don't use the digital world to change the natural world.

In addition to the Northern Michigan Artists Market, you can see my work in various summer art shows. I have a PhD in Psychology and before my transformation was a management and organization development consultant.

I am happy to do custom printing or framing of any of my work. If you are interested in one of my photos in a diferent size or if you want an unframed piece framed or vice-versa, simply contact the Northern Michigan Artists Market and they will make all the arrangements.

Media: Photography
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