Artist: Rosalyn Tyge

Rosalyn Tyge
Traverse City, MI
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I have worked in clay for many years. My current work within the medium is the design and application of ceramic surfaces, better known as tiles, through a hand-made process. Shapes, motifs, reliefs and patterns are purposeful. I cut each tile from wet clay and pattern it by hand or press it into molds I have made.

This technique maximizes the creative and dynamic process from beginning to end, allowing flexibility for works to reflect pattern and consistency along with randomness in design and motif.

Following an initial firing to remove impurities and add strength, I airbrush the pieces with handmade glazes and fire them again at a higher temperature in an electric kiln.In addition to the tiles, my works include various tables, shelves, coat racks and key racks that incorporate my ceramic tile creations.
Media: Pottery:Ceramics , Jewelry
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Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC