Artist: Joanne Cromley

Joanne Cromley
Afton, MI
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2005 - Fine Line Creative Arts Center, St. Charles, Illinois

2004 - Lansing Art Center, Lansing, Michigan

2004 - Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, Michigan

2004 - Birmingham Bloomfield Arts Center, Birmingham, Michigan

2003 - Yavapai Art Gallery, Prescott, Arizona

2003 - Birmingham Bloomfield Arts Center, Birmingham, Michigan


2004 - Fiberarts Design Book VII

2001 - Handwoven Magazine

1999 - Weaver's Magazine


Canterbury Shaker Museum, New Hampshire

Handcock Shaker Museum, New Hampshire

I am a tapestry weaver who has studied under Master Weavers, James Koehler of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1999, 2000 and 2002 and Rebecca Bluestone of Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1999. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree and a Masters in Public Administration.

My tapestries reflect the world of forests, meadows, water and sky; the changing seasons of the Great Lakes. Leaving Chicago ten years ago to live a more intentional life, my husband and I purchased 240 acres of abused land that had been logged off and over-grazed. We placed the land in a conservation easement, forever protecting it from development and allowing the land to begin to heal.

This land has allowed me to physically, psychologically and spiritually focus on my weaving. Falling passionately in love with the pure act of making cloth, I soon discovered tapestry. As the land spoke to me, images and color emerged - images that express the universal and natural order of life. My work celebrates both color and shape. Together and in concert with the changing landscape, my tapestries reflect the order and tension, as well as the harmony and balance in nature and all of life.

Media: Fiber
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Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC