Artist: Gerry Pas

Gerry Pas
Indian River, MI
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Gerry says that his work through

the lens helps him attend solely
to beauty, hence his mnatra and motto:

Gerry inherited his respect for the arts from his father, Joseph, a violinist, and from his uncle Julius Pas, a renoun Michigan artist. From them, Gerry received instruction in music, oil painting and watercolor. His mom presented him with his first box camera at the age of seven, sparking his passion for photography.

Gerry graduated from Lawrence Technological University with a degree in industrial management and did post graduate studies in marketing at the University of Michigan. He followed up with a thirty year career in television advertising. He has now chosen to pursue his vocation in photography.

Though mostly self taught, Gerry has studied black and white portrature from Herb Asherman through the Cleveland Institute of Art. His most recent studies have been with Michigan's renown photographers Monte Nagler and Don Pas.

Gerry had won many awards for his photographic works through prestigious art shows in both Ohio and Michigan. Gerry works at his studios in Indain River and Milford, Michigan. He shares his home and studios with his wife Lori and their daughter Olivia.


Media: Photography
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Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC