Artist: E.P. Lewandowski

Erv Lewandowski
Alpena, MI
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Michigan Artist E.P. Lewandowski is a professional artist specializing in colored pencil [Prismacolor] drawings of North American subjects and settings. Recognized as a contemporary artist, his approach to nature, landscapes and waterscapes is perfectly suited for his interests and talents. His current series, entitled Waterscape Images, depicts quiet stream pools, river currents, waterfalls and shoreline settings. The exciting collection of images illustrates his ability to create the illusion of a speck of time, measure of space. and fluid movement with a subject that is in constant motion.

Paul Vernier, Lewandowski's former agent and current fishing partner, describes the impact these drawings have on him. "When I look at his work, not only do I see beautiful works of nature rendered meticulously but there is also a feeling of being there and actually hearing the sounds of rushing water and bubbling brooks."

A graduate of the Fine Arts Department of Central Michigan University and a fiormer MFA student at Eastern Michigan University, his career approach is based on the idea that each drawing has a purpose and place in his role as a visual artist.

Lewandowski is a member of the INTERNATIONAL Guild of Realism, Colored Pencil Society and CPSA District Chapter #104. His artwork has been exhibited in a wide range of forums and is currently available at the Northern Michigan Artists Market and in selected other galleries throughout Lower and Upper Michigan, SPA Fine Art in New York and Haynes Galleries of Maine.

Artist Statement
Drawing satisfies one of my cravings for living. I feel compelled to create [art] and really enjoy the process of discovery and new ideas. My artwork is a mirror of my time, experience and personal interests. I believe that to reap the benefits of anything meaningful, one needs to be willing to accept risk and change. I am comfortable with the person I've become since making my career decision as an artist and I have concluded that strength of character and person comes from within yourself. The key is to tap into yourself. I'm certainly influenced by other artists, art settings or interesting experiences, but for me the real growth and satisfaction needs to come from this body.
Media: Pencil Painting
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