Artist: Red Elephant Jewelry

Mary Reilly
Harbor Springs, MI
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When I was a young teenager I hunted for crinoids on the southwest shore of Lake Michigan. They are small doughnut shaped fossils, quite small.  It took months, but when I had collected a few hundred I spent one late night sorting them into sizes and finally stringing them into my first necklace. In the wee hours of the morning I held up my creation to see it and one of the ends slipped through my fingers... and they all clattered to the floor.  I was incredulous, but then I laughed and went to bed, I didn't even clean it up. I did make that necklace and I still have it. It was an early lesson in detachment, something I was to learn a lot more about later in Yoga.
I love making jewelry and I love looking for great stones almost as much. In the above picture I am sitting with an Indian shopkeeper. His store is called Lucky Gems.  My friend and I  sat and had tea with him  and heard all about his family, etc., before any purchase was made. I enjoy handling the stones and at my jewelry table I encourage new combinations and try to stay open to providential accidents, things which lay next to each other looking great.  Recently I stared at the beautiful color of Lake Michigan and thought of these recycled African glass beads I had and how they would look good with some golden brown like the reeds and sand.  It's all so fun.  The book, The Crystal Bible talks about the healing properties of the gems and crystals, which I find fascinating.  If this is a mission statement, I guess my mission is to keep making joyful jewelry and keep listening to my muse, the elephant. :)
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