Artist: D'Marie Studios

Dawn Thompson
Onaway, MI
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Artist Statement

I have always loved art and the creative process. When I was 7 or 8 years old I sent in an art school aptitude test, and I was thrilled when someone from the school came to talk to my parents about enrolling me. They didn't, but it didn't stop me from wanting to be an artist.

I first picked up a camera in my high school art class.Later in college, photography classes were part of my course work for graduation. Photography has become my favorite means of sharing my creative side and I am almost never without my camera.

I like to manipulate colors, hues, saturation and crop parts from my images to see what I end up with in abstract. I'm often surprised with the results I get, as the final image ends up looking nothing like what the original photograph indicates might be possible. I enjoy this process because it allows me to take ordinary objects and see them in a new way. I choose old cars and other old objects as subjects because they remind me of a kinder, slower time. I love their clean simple lines, especially anything Art Deco or from the 1950's. They remind me of where we've been and how we've gotten to where we are now. I also enjoy finding subjects in nature because I can really get explosive color variations with them.

My photo montage pieces are another way I enhance my photographs. With them I'm trying to create something that evokes a feeling or sentiment in the individual who looks at them. Each subject I select to put in these pieces is great to look at by itself but when I combine them for a piece, I'm hoping the end result will be more memorable than the individual photos would be alone.

I hope you enjoy my art work and find pleasure in viewing it.

Media: Photography , Video
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Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC