Artist: Eagle Spirit Art and Design

Roberta Shalifore
Petoskey, MI
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My name is Roberta Rose Shalifoe. I am a proud member of the Little River Bands of Ojibwe Indians of Manistee Michigan. For the last fifteen years I have resided in Petoskey Michigan. I have been practicing art as far back as my kindergarten days. I've always enjoy doing art and engaging in my creative ideas. So I continued pursuing this love and passion all the way through grade school, middle and high school. My art portrays my culture, beliefs and spirituality. My culture has always been important to me in my growth as a young girl merging into a woman. I like to incorporate my love and respect for my culture into my artwork so people can engage with my culture in the most creative and positive ways possible. My spirituality is the most important part of my life in many ways and I will show this through my art as much as possible. My spirituality is what guides me and gives me my most creative ideas when doing my art. I love to bring joy into peoples lives with my art so that they can see through my eyes and can visualize my soul. For these reasons I continue to live my life doing art and helping people in the process.
Media: Acrylic Painting
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Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC