Artist: Nicki L. Griffith

Nicki Griffith
Mackinac Island, MI
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Painting, for me, is a very intuitive and introspective journey and my approach to making art has changed considerably with my life’s experiences.

While once focused primarily outward and interested in depicting my observations of the world around me, I am now much more likely to want to explore relationships of colors, textures and shapes or express inner thoughts or imaginary scenes.

Subject matter, whether it is abstract, floral, figurative, or the landscape, has become almost secondary to the passion of color.

I have become fascinated recently with the idea of lines and what a strong statement a few simple lines can make—a “less is more” concept, reflected in several of my current pieces. The placement of lines in a visual space, along with the juxtaposition of color and shape, is very compelling.

Although I have been painting all my life, I have made the making of art a priority and joyful commitment since the late 1980s. I have taken various workshops over the years, pursue independent study on an ongoing basis and have been exhibiting and selling my work since the early 1990s. Memberships include Mackinac 7 Artists, Ann Arbor Women Artists, Great Lakes Pastel Society and the Oil Pastel Society.

Media: Mixed Media
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Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC