Artist: Deanna Hergt Willmott

Deanna Hergt Willmott
Petoskey, MI
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Curiously, my uplifting color palette springs out of the bleak, oppressive color depravation of Northern Michigan winters. The prolonged absence of color intensifies my desire for the pleasure of the colors of emotional sunlight – those colors I feel while quietly working in the solitude of my studio, that are truer and more genuine to my senses than those I will ever find in nature.

So, my choice of the warm white and true sensual quality of porcelain has become my canvas – the perfect medium for the evocation of emotional color – where I can express my love of painting, loving everywhere it takes me.

The sense of motion instilled in my jewelry literally dances out of my years in ballet – the art of motion – a highly conscious sense of flowing within the music of life and form.

All of my visual work is created from the same fire as my work in theatre. Acting on stage, before a live audience, produces an extreme adrenalin rush, a sense of being completely alive – in this moment. I've often had the fleeting thought on stage, between the lines, that, "everything's on fire". The sensation of the experience is that intense.
The correlation between ballet, acting, pottery and painting are not lost on me. I live it every day, it is the core of my creative process and the heart of my work.

Fired up. As I kiln fire each piece of my porcelain, waiting for it to emerge through the final moments of the creative process into the finished piece I had envisioned and reached for, I am keenly aware that I am waiting for its emergence into the unimaginable beauty of a life of its own.

PeaCAsa is my alter-ego, me, the character drawn from my own life. However wise, however humorous, however real.
Media: Pottery:Ceramics , Jewelry , Cards
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