Artist: Rick Kolb

Rick Kolb
Cheboygan, MI
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Rick Kolb, native to Michigan, lives in Cheboygan with his wife. Rick started drawing at an early age and continues his life-long study.  This award-winning artist has also written and illustrated a book.

I feel the arts and artistic endeavors are the most worthwhile things that humans do. What I do is create what is personally gratifying to myself and others.

I like to think my work is always evolving.  I am now building images from recal of a place or object.  For example, I recently did a group of ten ,paintings recalling a trip to Paris.  I like to imagine a scene from an elevated view giving more body to a scene by raising the horizon.  These are not accurate representations but purely the images as  I remember them.  I am currently trying to elevate the lowly magic marker in an extensive study of small drawings.  It fits my technique of very quick, impulsive drawing and color selection.  I see these works as  no mess, fast, water color or line studies.

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Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC