Artist: Bavarian Crafts

Dennis Hoshield
Oak Park, MI
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Dennis belongs to a Bavarian 'Trachten Verein' ... GTEV Edelweiss Detroit ... an 80+ year old club, dedicated to the preservation of Bavarian culture, dialect, music, dance and customs. Out of this group, and several trips to Bavaria, came a strong urge to (besides playing Bavarian music!! ....) create craft items in the Bavarian style. He has always felt he was born in the wrong country, and the wrong period. To keep in touch with the music and heritage that must be inside SOMEwhere ... comes a strong desire to craft things his forefathers would be proud of. You will find several mediums in Dennis' area ... a distinctive style of woodburning, where the wood is 'cut' as much as it is 'burned'... occasional leather work, glass etching, scrimshaw, wood carvings, presentation plaques, and most prominently ... 'hornschnitzerei' ... deer antler carving. Large carvings are often on the crown, or base of an elk, whitetail deer, or roe deer (from Bavaria). These crown carvings are often worn on a trachtler's (Bavarian/Austrian costume wearer's) lapel or lederhosen suspender breastplate. These are usually in a 'huntsman' motif ... displaying game animals and birds, or in the wild items, like acorns, oak leafs, and of course, the Bavarian's beloved Edelweiss and Enzian flowers. Special orders are available. Custom monogrammed items (napkin rings, wooden eggs, etc) ... wood-burns of a favorite location, or pet ... presentation plaques, nameplates in wood or antler, jewelry, etc. Recently creating lathe-turned dip and fountain pens. You name it ... he can probably craft it. "Treu dem guten alten Brauch" (True to the good old ways)
Media: Antler , Wood , Jewelry , Mixed Media
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