Artist: Fire and Ice Photography

Douglas Houseworth
Alanson, MI
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This collection is known as "The Month Poems."  In 1972 I began a 43 year journey in poetry and photography.  At first, it was not intended as a project.  At the time I did not consider myself to be a poet.   In January of 2015, this collection was published by Pure Michigan on their Travel Blog in commemoration of Michigan's 178th birthday.  When asked by them what caused me to document a year in Michigan with poetry and photography, I could only say that I was inspired.  To be so compelled by an image or experience that you feel moved to express it in words is what happened with the first three Month Poems.

After that, the idea of combining both media became a challenge and a goal. I had no idea it would take 43 years. At first, it was enough to write the poems, but then matching up the poems with images became both an obsession and a daunting task.  A visit from one's muse cannot be scheduled.   Only recently did I learn there is a name for this process. It's called "Poetography."  Usually a poem would come first, but sometimes a photograph would inspire a poem.   In Michigan there are seasons within seasons.  This work captures the essence of each month in a very special way.

In addition to "The Month Poems," included here is also a collection titled "Works." These took just as long to produce.   Usually, a good photograph or poem is best as a stand-alone entity. But when it's right, both elements can enhance and augment each other.  Of the many thousands of images and hundreds of poems I have produced, less than thirty reach this category known as Poetography. They are ideal as all purpose note cards and suitable for framing.
Media: Photography , Cards
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Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC