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10545 Matted Reproduction Print
Vivi Woodcock 7 $28.00  
7921 Matted Reproduction Print
Matted print of original watercolor
Vivi Woodcock 2 $18.00  
3610 To Everything There is a Season
Original mixed water medium.
Vivi Woodcock 1 $275.00  
7925 The Fall
Matted print from original watercolor collage. 
Vivi Woodcock 1 $18.00  
10442 Heart PinArt [Small]
Hand painted and embossed small clay heart shaped pinĀ 
Vivi Woodcock 4 $10.00  
7559 Rain Dance
Original mono print mixed water medium matted and framed
Vivi Woodcock 1 $225.00  
6161 Flower Abstract Pinart
Watercolor collage pin
Vivi Woodcock 1 $18.00  
1364 Spirit Card Pack
Reproduction cards from originals 7 card pack.
Vivi Woodcock 8 $12.00  
3257 PinArt Abstract
Recycled altered puzzle piece collage pin.
Vivi Woodcock 1 $20.00  
8604 Framed Print
Matted and framed reproduction print from original water medium.
Vivi Woodcock 1 $14.00  
Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC