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18396 Just Now
Music CD. Songs written by artist. 2011
Dwain Martin 5 $10.00  
19230 A New Morning CD
This is John Warstler's newest CD, just released in late 2013. It features ten original fingerstyle guitar compositions with cello accompaniment by Andrea Moreno-Beals and Jon Cotton on Bass Violin
John Warstler 4 $15.00
13623 Glory and Shame CD
Conrad Gold has been playing guitar, singing and writing folk, blues and country songs for thirty years. His ten best original songs are presented on this CD, Glory and Shame. In addition, one of the songs on the CD, Franny's Violin, is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Zune.
Conrad Gold 3 $5.00
32204 No Frills
From CD Liner:

It is so hard for ujs to pick favorites from amongst our "babies" but we hope you'll enjoy what we recorded for you this time, So. Pull up a chair. Relax, And let us share a few tunes with you! -- Norm and Kelly Rustic Heart

Kelly Shively: Vocals, banjo, fiddle and banjola

Norm Hausler: Vocals and guitar

Rustic Heart 1 $15.00
33429 Along the Track
Along the Track is a sixteen track CD of great Northern Michigan bluegrass tunes.
Steel & Wood 6 $15.00
32433 Requiem
Little Traverse Choral Society 2 $10.00  
32434 American Masters
Little Traverse Choral Society 2 $10.00  
32436 Let There Be Light
Little Traverse Choral Society 6 $10.00  
18395 Road to Wonderland
Music CD. Songs written by the artist. 2008
Dwain Martin 2 $10.00  
10664 A Carnival of Animals
A DVD of A Carnival of Animals performed by the Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra, Matthew Hazelwood, conductor, with Yuki and Tomoko Mack, the Mack Sisters, duo pianists.  This is a recording of a live performance, May, 2007 at the Harbor Springs, Michigan,  Performing Arts Center.
Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra 5 $15.00
32167 Crooked Tree CD
     Liner Notes from the CD:  Long ago along the Lake Michigan shoreline in the nortwest corner of M9chigan's lower peninsula, the Crooked Tree [Waugonawkisa] served as a prominent landmark for native Odawa returning from long voyages,  It has been said that the sight of the Crooked Tree brought great joy to these travelers because it signified that home was near.
     I have never seen the Crooked Tree but after finding my way to this corner of Michigan nearly 20 years ago, I think I understand the sense of joy this landmark evokes.  It's in the cool, fresh air, the majestic expanse of the Great Lakes, the vast network of trails through dense, hilly forests; the brilliant sunsets; the rise of colors in the fall; the profound quiet of the star-filled nights; the call of the loons ... and it's because this is home.  This is where my wife and I raised our daughters, where I have been blessed with amazing friends and generous communities, and, yes, where I am continually awed by the area's natural beauty.
     This collection of original solo guitar compositions is my expression of celebration and gratitude for the people, places and experiences I have treasured over the last 20 uyears.  I hope the music provides listeners with some of the peace and joy I have been fortunate to find in the land of the Crooked Tree.
Bill Wilson 4 $15.00
19453 North to Paradise CD
CD of songs by Craig Cottrill.
Craig Cotrill 5 $15.00
19477 Hattie Jane CD
CD released in 2012.
Charlie Millard 5 $15.00
13187 Northern Dreams CD
Twelve tracks of original music and variations on several traditional favorites, Northern Dreams explores the possibilities of the contemporary Native American style flute in a range of styles.

Petoskey flute maker and player, Matt Koontz, crafted all the flutes featured on this album and performs all of the music. In the liner notes for the CD, Matt says, "This recording represents the latest stop on what has been for me a journey of love, liberation and connection with the Sacred. I hope you will experience the music in that spirit."
Matt Koontz 1 $10.00
32203 Dying' Breed CD
Rustic Heart CD with the following tracks: Ghost of a Mountain Girl (Norm Hausler); Dying' Breed (Norm Hausler); Gone (Norm Hausler); Walkin' This Road (Kelly Shively); Anna's Prayer/Jeb's Reply (Kelly Shively); Lovers' Waltz (Jay Unger); I Am Runnin' (Kelly Shively); Walk a Mile (Kelly Shively); One More Day (Steven Dale Jones and Bobby Tomberlin); Don't Look Down When You Go (John Natiw); Walk Gently (Kelly Shively).
Rustic Heart 2 $15.00
32435 A Trio of Glorias
Little Traverse Choral Society 1 $10.00  
16153 O Sing CD
This unique and eclectic collection of 9 choral music works encompasses great classical pieces, a taste of opera, Swedish and American folk music, Broadway and spirituals. It was recorded live at The Cross in the Woods, Indian River, Michigan
Little Traverse Choral Society 8 $12.00
32753 Songs from the Deep North
A collection original acoustic instrumental pieces, for classical guitar and bass, inspired by travel to and from remote locales, and infused with Jazz, Blues, Bossa Nova and other traditional music of the Americas.

Owen James, classical guitar and composer

Jay Sumner, electric bass


1. Mother Time 5:24

2. Vehicle 4:43

3. Getting There 4:39

4. I'm Here Too 4:18

5. Deep North 4:58

6. Kalimbo Revisited 5:09

7. Just One More Thing 5:11

8. Maybe Someday 4:29

9. Curitiba-Sapporo 3:59

10. Sometimes in August 4:47

Owen James 3 $15.00
16914 TrueNorth Harp Duo
With a rich orchestral sound, impeccable ensemble and innovative programming, True North Harp Duo performs throughout the USA and Canada. John Wickey and Lynne Aspnes first performed together in 1992 for the American Harp Society National Conference in San Diego, California. That concert inspired the formation of their first harp duo, Two Part Invention, which ended in 1995 when John moved to the San Francisco bay area to pursue his interest in information technology.

John and Lynne reconnected in 2008 and immediately began planning the revival of their partnership. During a location photo shoot, a sculpture named True North provided the inspiration for the duo's n\ew name. Although the course of their lives had taken them in different directions, the guiding principles of musicianship and service to the harp brought them back together.
TrueNorth Harp Duo 8 $15.00
15940 Solace for the Season CD
What I hope you hear is easy listening music consisting of traditional hymns with decent guitar playing on great vintage instruments. It is my hope that Solace & Grace can put your mind and heart in a good place. What you will hear are the true voices of each guitar, much like what you would hear if you listened to my playing in my living room. The only difference is that there is more than one of me on each track. The arrangements of these hymns are all original and this recording process allowed me to do what I do best, backup another player. In this instance, I accompany myself. Some of the hymns have very sparse backing tracks of guitar and mandolin, while other hymns are more akin to guitar duets.
John Warstler 3 $15.00
16152 Holiday Favorites CD
CD of 26 of the Little Traverse Choral Society's favorite holiday songs recorded live at Cross in the Woods Catholic Shrine, Indian River, Michigan
Little Traverse Choral Society 14 $12.00
14693 Songs of the Odawak Vol 1
CD of six Native American drum circle songs. We would like to thank the Creator, our individual families and everybody that has encouraged us along the way over the years. Chi-Miigwetch!! (Thank you very much!!)
Maanmeg wikwii waing (Sturgeon Bay Singers) 4 $12.00
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