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33154 Cherub Angel
Cherub angel ornaments with halos, golden hair, pink, white, or translucent wings, in diapers. Polymer clay.
Kathleen Luther 4 $18.00
32018 Candy Cane with Baby Jesus Ornament
Polymer clay Christmas ornament, Baby Jesus is in white swaddling clothes and a blue blanket with a candy cane wrapped around Him. The attached poem explains the meanings of the candy cane. J is for Jesus, the white for His pure virgin birth, the red stripes He bore during His passion, etc. This comes from the Legend of the Candy cane. That a candy maker in the 1880's wanted to make a Christmas candy to honor Jesus. 3.5-5" long cane, Baby Jesus figure is 1.75" tall.
Kathleen Luther 2 $18.00
32007 Donkey
4" tall Clay donkey for nativity set. One brown and white and the other gray and white. Each has a bell around the neck. Brown one is sturdy and fat, gray one is thinner. Signed on bottom.
Kathleen Luther 1 $30.00
32009 Milkweed Pod with Baby Ornament
Clay and milkweed pod ornament. Binder twine hay. Purple or other colors of beads on bottom hold a wire to hang it. Some babies have a pointed shape on the cloth around the head and those can be pixies or fairy babies and others in swaddling can be baby Jesus. I picked the pods when the interior was golden and they have stayed this way for years. About 3" long. Figure and hay is glued in with goop glue and is permanent. The pods have been dipped in polycrylic varnish.
Kathleen Luther 2 $16.00
31609 Angel Ornament [Large Bell]
Polymer clay angel ornament on a metal bell. Most of these ring, except first few where the clay garment touches the bell. Made in various colors of hair: blondes, brunettes, one with gray hair, one with white. Various wing designs, and many poses. Some are praying, some worshiping with arms crossed on the chest, some dancing, twirling, or with a songbook or a heart. One has beads and a blue gown. One has a gold gown and a red heart. Two sizes. Smaller ones listed separately but shown in this pic are both sizes and typical poses.
Kathleen Luther 5 $28.00
971 Holiday Ornament
Holiday ornament made from clay with original print impression-hand painted
Vivi Woodcock 6 $8.00  
32057 Nativity Sculpture
Polymer clay nativity sculpture of the Holy Family. Joseph leans his face on Mary's head, has one arm around her shoulder and one hand under hers that holds baby Jesus in white swaddling clothes. About 6 inches high. Mary in white and lavender, Joseph in white and a colorful gold, blue, pink cloth on his head. A tender moment. Joseph is happy and protective. Signed and dated on bottom. Made this on December 2, 2016. This one of a kind holy family sculpture is on you tube for all views.
Kathleen Luther 1 $90.00
6689 Holiday Ornament
Embossed white snowflake
Vivi Woodcock 1 $14.00  
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