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Tag #Name of Artwork
700Summertime Belvedere Single Card
2739Puff Pot [Hebrew Blessing]
6497Windows with Turquoise Sill
3045Bye Bye Blackbird Card
2430Crochet Beaded Necklace
1362Assorted Ornament
6605Blue and Orange Floral Abstract
6232Glass Pumpkin Celadon
495Original Note Cards
4222Small Bowl [Decal]
3773Collecting Sweetgrass
691Boy Fishing- LE Print
1592Large Watercolor Print Magnet
1361Puff Pot
1190Petoskey Waterfront Poster
6551Photo Greeting Card [23-A07]
3772Walking The Dog
3558Trillium Paperweight
7159Forest Floor Card
486Sterling Silver Ring [Turquoise and Ivory]
6229Blue Monet Vase
29856 of Hearts Post Earrings [All Colors]
5567Mackinac Island Note Card
966#430 Note Card
2880Yellow Flowers in Blue Vase
1593Small Watercolor Magnet
5087Native American Basket #149
3733Jimmy the Cat
770Eric's primitive Carved TuftedTitmouse
3720Goddess of the Blooming Garden
6230Glass Pumpkin Celadon
5352View from Petoskey
7045Bluebird of Happiness Card
6240Mint Green Paperweight
2021Hanging Glass Disc
6522Photo Greeting Card [20-007]
3079Knit Scarf and Hat Set
7206Ceramic Canister/Mug/Money Clip
2787Raku Pot/Lapis Necklace
2604Glass Eggplant
437Tulips Card
1590Watercolor Paperweight
2373Area Image Note Cards
706Iona Golf and Grazing
327We Three Ships
701Summertime Belvedere Card Package of 10
326Three Pinks
6553Photo Greeting Card [14-004]
6529Photo Greeting Card [14-001]
202Purse Turquoise/Green/Magenta
692Summer Beginnings
55638x12 Mounted Photograph
772Eric's Primitive Carved Chickadee
7158The Fall Card
3610To Everything There is a Season
1215x7 Photo
2140Pin Art
703Salamander Friend
2473Golf/GrazingLE Wrapped
2736Fused Glass Earrings
877Choir Boy Ornament
3770Grass Dancer
6549Photo Greeting Card [16-007]
1976Lg Marquis Bowl
4428Waugoshance Shoal Light
4427Skillagallee Island Light
698Poinsettia Single Note
6476Sunflower with Bee
2658Colbalt Blue Glass Vase
7043Consider the Lilies Card
7207Ceramic Piece
6162Twisted Wire Earrings/Pendant
4186Brown Pin Pendant with Drop Beads
7334Just Where Card
2372Area Image Note Cards
6387Blessing of the Bread Plate
2653Easter Egg Ornament
7458Galaxy Disc Paperweight [Red and White]
7208Glass [Boyer]
5730Garden Arm Pink with Flower Tip
6443Monet Heart Paperweight
1092Celedon Lake Bottom Ring
6544Photo Greeting Card [18-000]
604Holiday Ornament
5857Bubble Galaxy Paperweight [Red,White,Yellow and Blue]
3182Beaded Lamp Finial
724Butterfly Migration
3778Reproduction Print
6233Blue Bubble Bird
2980Paws Post Earrings [All Colors]
329Minature Watercolor Framed
4659Ceramic Cup/Bowl
2018Lily Vase [All Colors]
4612Photo Print 8X10
7103Heart Paperweight Red/White
441Glass Pumpkin
7205Patchwork Backpack [Anderson]
4630Frame - Mat- Card
6689Holiday Ornament
3179Away It Falls - Darbey O Bell
971Holiday Ornament
1193Flower Shop
697Summer At Belvedere
693Nestled Fawn
6994Flowers in Pot
2186Decal Berry Bowl
226Misc Greeting Card
6204Mackinaw Island SM
3771Beaded Bracelet
4424Skillagallee Island Light
1564Ceramic Bowl [Blue and Brown]
5065I Love Michigan Rivers
1591Small Painted Stone Magnet
512Original Bookmark
6491Fayette and Grass
1114Glass Flower
2738Puff Pot
4604Watercolor Print 16 X 20
440Bubble Paperweights
6812Mini Paperweight
71054 Leaf Clover Paperweight
1365Holiday PinArt
1118Decorative Table Spoon Rest
3257PinArt Abstract
3205Wire Stand/Little Clay Piece
769Eric's Primitive Carved Nuthatch
3074Hanging Glass Disc
6547Photo Greeting Card [18-007]
6205Mackinaw Island
605Reproduction Bookmark
136Michael Joe 8x10
7044Messenger Raven Card
1191Petoskey Waterfront Single Card
6235Blue Swirl Bird
7145Untitled Composition
2942Fawn Matted
2297Purse Fabric and Silk Tie
2944Poinsettia Card Package [10]
7099Blue Glass Fish
2870Photo Note Card
6795Brown Basket Vase
2475Golf/Grazing Poster
6383Invitation II
4426White Shoal Light
7106Heart Paperweight Red/White
6237Glass Pumpkin Mint Green
6245Rainbow Glass Fish
4103Slump Bowl
725Breath Card
7051Solitude Card
3515Red Bird Wine Stopper
6275Winter Glow Card
7160Dancing Sunflower Card
1364Spirit Card Pack
7100Heart Paperweight Mint/White
6149Grey Lady
6444Monet Heart Paperweight
6242Red,Green,Blue,Purple Swirl Paperweight
2533Large Pumpkin
3776Birch Bark Cut Outs
4425Waugoshance Shoal Light
4094Gray's Reef Light
2527Glass Hanging Fish
3957Guardan Collection (Blue)
699Poinsettia Note Card Package of 20
2175Berry Bowl Leaves)
3129Young Egret
324Single Beauty
6688Golden Globe Ornament
7335Like Men Card
6462Photo Print
3206Misc Item
5566Southwest Florida Note Card
2740Clam Shell wt Pearl [Assorted Colors]
6672Fall Raven Card
708Girl with Duckling Note Card Package of 8
4596Watercolor Print 5X7
6457Fayette wt Sailboat
7107Heart Paperweight Red
7318Knit Scarf / Hat / Purse
705Bay View Note Card Package of 10
1745Photo Card
7102Red Cardinal-Large
2964Raven Card Package
3126Heron 8
6325Blue Snow
345Large Painted Stone Magnet
4239Banana Fruit
6496Two Windows (B&W)
332Original Bookmark
487Sterling Silver Ring [Mexican Opal and Ivory]
3823Glass Rooster
74019" Shallow bowl / Pine Branch #184
5569Straits of Mackinac Area Note Card
5731Garden Arm Colbalt with Flower Tip
6499Three Arches (B&W)
6236Glass Pumpkin Mint Green
3116Photo Ready to Frame 8x10
6274Dance of the Light Weavers Card
7104Fish Paperweight
3777Birch Bark Cut Outs
1746Ottawa photo notecard
6219Reproduction Card Package [8 Cards]
6244Multiple Swirl Paperweight
7363Fused Glass Pendant
2735Glass Cane Post Earrings
6524Photo Greeting Card [20-002]
4613Photo Print 12" x 16"
3828Double Arm Indoor Stand
6234Blue Bubble Bird
2941Harmony Garden Large
6161Flower Abstract Pinart
2477Inland Waterway
3513Shell [Assorted Colors]
7279Lazy River
4238Pears In A Bowl
7048Red Flower Card
2471Iona Golf and Grazing
2273Toe Ring
3285Winter Leaf Card
6500Arch Window (B&W)
7109Red Bird
6382Born Loser
880Flirty Girl Pin/ Pendant
5351Sunset Pose (Black and White)
4677Winter Card Pack
763Eric's Primitive Carved [Junco]
2534Medium Pumpkin
3113Heron 1
3512Puff Pot [White-Gold-Red]
5564World War II Memorial
2769Photo Cards 4X6
2027Smal Pedestal Fruit Bowl [Golden]
5459Box of Reproduction Cards (8)
3934Goddess of Patriotism
434Floating Card
6925Wrought Iron Stand
3866Tea Dyed Silk Scarf
7333No Matter Card #0110
1587Reproduction Print
2194Dancing Sunflower
6674The Burning Bush Card
6542Photo Greeting Card [6005]
6238Mint Green Glass Bird
6412Pumpkin Photo Note Card
6546Photo Greeting Card [18-003]
702Bay View Single Note Card
7096Tiny Gift Bag
4237Abstract Pods
7454Basket Weave Vase
6861Matted Card Reproduction Print
7047Spring Marsh Card
6495Fayette Wheels
1192Harbor Master
2180Soup Mug (Leaves)
3769Birchbark and Watercolor Card
3775Gathering Cattails
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