Artist: Stover Pottery

Marilyn and John Stover
Pellston, MI
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Elemental Synergy

The harmonious blending of basic elements of nature is not only esthetically pleasing but very rwarding to accomplish. This has been a major goal and focus of my work. The fusion of form and function inthe creative process is a direct resultof my two major passions in life . . . travel and clay. From the experiences of travel and the constantly changing input from the varied sights, sounds, natural vistas and tactile interactions, I have tried to maintain a constantly fresh and evolving perspective in my work.

The blending of clay, wood, glass and metal provides a rich melange that enables me to project what I have experienced.

I hope you will enjoy my work as much as I have been gratified in bringing together these different elemnts.

Media: Pottery
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Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC