Artist: Jane Turner

Jane Turner
Garden, MI
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Jane was pursuing a degree in business when she became intrigued with a piece of pottery in a local shop. As a lark she took a pottery course and the experience changed the direction that her life's work would take. She left the school of business to explore the world of art and obtained a degree in Art Education from Northern Illinois University in 1978. Jane has taught art in Weston and adult pottery classes fro the Parkville School System.

Throwing pottery on the wheel remains her first love. However, her fascination with the movement of colors in glazes led to an interest in the similar animation of colors in watercolor. Jane explains it this way:
I am intrigued by colors fluxing, then appearing to freeze in movement. In that respect, there is not a lot of distance between pottery glazes and watercolor. Both processes stop and solidify the captivating movement of color.
Jane has purchased land near Fayette State Park and is looking forward to living and working in the Garden Peninsula area of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Her watercolors and stoneware pottery are exhibited at art fairs throughout the Midwest.
Media: , Pottery , Jewelry
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