Artist: Tom Webster

Tom Webster
Petoskey, MI
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Tom Webster is a Northern Michigan Native whose inspirations are, in part, a result of local spiritual and environmental energies. His perceptions and intuitions are translated into an on-going art story. The pages of his stories are his artworks produced in two and three dimensional forms, often combining a variety of media.

Tom counts Lou Rizzolo, his art instructor in both high school and college, as his mentor. Lou's constant pursuit of creative growth will forever be a guiding principle for Tom in his evolution as an artist. Tom also counts Stanley Kellogg, an extraordinary sculptor, as the important early influence in establishing his notions of discipline.

There were several other experiences which have had a profound effect on the direction and content of Webster's art and philosophy. During graduate studies at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, he attended working seminars with a living national treasure of Japan -- Shoji Hamada, and American master Peter Voulkos. These men opened his eyes to a whole new understanding of balance and form.

In 1969 Tom was accepted into the American Peace Corps and was sent to Malaysia. He lived and worked on the island of Borneo.
I lived with one foot in the present and one in the past in a mix of cultures as varied as anywhere on earth. I was forced to examine and reform my narrow and naive self-concept and my place in the brotherhood of man. I am inspired by the majesty and impartiality of the natural world. I believe my intuition is the means through which I connect with a higher power from which all flows. I continue to improve my ability to see into then greater scheme of things and add to the pages of my lifelong story.
Media: Wood , Mixed Media:Constructions , Pottery:Ceramics
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Featured Art by Tom Webster      

Untitled Composition
Ceramic Bowl [Blue and Brown]
Northern Michigan Artists Market, LCC